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Valarie Jefferson is the Senior Consultant of The Jefferson Effect Consulting Firm. She looks after/coordinates/manages/leads a team, providing all aspects of Financial Literacy, including Business Financial Planning, Credit Essentials, and Guiding Entrepreneurs  to Financial Freedom.


Valarie is a qualified banking professional with 25 years of experience and holds several licenses and certifications from Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank. She is no stranger to banking, having spent 12 years as a Loan Officer in Consumer/Business Lending with an additional 5 years as a Business Banking Specialist; along with various other positions throughout her banking career. Additionally, Valarie specializes in financial wellness marketing and social media; presentation coaching; multicultural awareness; leadership training and has successfully served a range of clients, including Business Professionals, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and Nonprofits. 


Valarie is also the creator of Kainos Magazine which is an online publication enjoyed; frequented; visited; read by thousands around the world.


Valarie helps clients reach their financial goals and offers a wide range of programs and services, from Business Start Ups, to Estate Planning and Retirement plans. After a successful career in banking, she now coaches, teaches, and advises other people on how to achieve the same success.


Meet Valarie Jefferson

Founder of The Jefferson Effect Consulting Firm LLC.

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