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Demario Hardmon-Fort

Empowering people and creative expression are DeMario's true passions. The collective effort of teachers, directors, and mentors inspired his journey to success in the face of personal and systemic challenges, forever changing his life path and generational promise. As founder and CEO of Speaklight, a human resource development consulting company, my life’s work is to continue empowering others through innovative education and discovery. After years of serving as an educator and researcher, examining perceptions of success in school and the workplace, my findings led to the creation of Stay’n Charge, an equitable learning framework for success. I spend most of my days designing content, making the framework accessible to a growing global community through print, digital media, live and virtual workshops. I partner with schools, community organizations, and businesses to deliver enrichment programs to youth and adult learners across the U.S.


As a music producer, I write, compose, sing, record and mix music for recording artists and sound designers. I’ve partnered with organizations like Writing Sessions America to teach signal flow and foundations of music production. In 2020, I released “Magic,” a digital music catalog and portfolio of writing, production, and recording under his publishing company, Pennamejacob Publishing, and artist name, DHF. In 2021, I was the feature vocalist on “Shine” by Ben Kenobe, which made it to #4 on Apple Music’s “Bars” Hip Hop playlist. 


When I’m not working, I love to travel, meditate, enjoy nature, and bask in the love of his friends and family."


Valarie and the Jefferson Effect as a collective has been a God send! When I launched my self-care business last year I felt like I was flying blind. I had so many great ideas but needed someone to help me zoom in and focus on actionable steps needed to scale my business. The Jefferson Effect was just that! My chats with Ms. Val about my business goals and our group meetings have become the highlight of my weeks. It’s amazing to be surrounded by a tribe of business owners who actually put in the REAL work and support each other in reaching our full potential! 


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