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Esther L. Williams
Queen Vanity

CEO, Esther L. Williams is a skilled innovator and entrepreneur specializing in the overall advantage to restoring the body’s genuine alignment through organic solutions. Treating her own child who suffered from acute dry skin at an young age. Esther developed an all-natural compound which miraculously eliminated her child’s ongoing skin disorder.


In 2019, she unveiled her phenomenal brand offering an assortment of organic products tailored to service anyone in search of holistically healing the bodies irregularities. Esther L. Williams devotes her time to educating and enlightening clients on the perks to seeking Earth’s natural remedies. 


Queen Vanity founder Esther L. Williams continues to explore new alternatives by researching affective techniques drafted from the natural resources the planet provides. Queen Vanity’s goal is to consistently make the clients feel confident about what goes on and in they’re bodies. Esther is a pioneer and peer educator providing her community with superior products free of harsh chemicals. 


“My services are geared to restoring the body to Mother Earth’s wondrous benefits.” -Esther L. Williams 


Queen Vanity Offers an assortment of natural options as an alternative to some of the more grievous chemical based products marketed to consumers today. Queen Vanity products have treated hundreds of client from children to adults with monumental results.


The Jefferson Effect has a been a great source of information. The monthly meetings we have are very informative. I have gain much knowledge on business financing, learning how to do a pitch deck, apply for grants, as well as how to gain more customers. I show much gratitude for the knowledge I have gain from The Jefferson Effect. 


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