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Oshay Music Group, LLC. is a Black-owned arts & edutainment company that exists to elevate the culture & community by amplifying market visibility for our clients.

OMG will achieve this elevation and amplification through the offering of exclusive-only beats through OMG Beats, recording studio services of Sound IRS, and the edutainment offerings of Beats & Bars Nashville and Beats & Bars Academy.


Hi, I am Louric Oshay. I’m a music creator, educator, entrepreneur, and the owner of Beats and Bars. Participating as a student and a leader in the inaugural cohort of the Jefferson Effect Entrepreneur Series has been a game changer. I have been able to elevate my business and brand directly through the information acquired, resources shared, and community built through this amazing program. If you are looking to grow in your understanding and application of being an entrepreneur I recommend your expeditious enrollment in the JEES.


Louric Oshay
Oshay Music Group

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