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Mi'Kael Reed

My name is Kael Reed and I am the founder of SheaButtaShawty all natural self care brand. I am a self-proclaimed visionary and overall creative with a passion for bringing multi-faceted projects to fruition.  As a child I struggled with allergies which impacted my skin's moisture. I spent a great deal of time looking for moisturizers with ingredients that wouldn't irritate my skin, and provided lasting moisture. I invested so much time and energy searching for products that eventually it simply made sense to create my own combinations. In 2020, I resigned from my career as an educator and launched SheaButtaShawty-- a brand that focuses on creating a healing experience with a custom combination of self-care and metaphysical products. Our mission is to "deliver great vibes so that you can experience the glow one package at a time." 


Valarie and the Jefferson Effect as a collective has been a God send! When I launched my self-care business last year I felt like I was flying blind. I had so many great ideas but needed someone to help me zoom in and focus on actionable steps needed to scale my business. The Jefferson Effect was just that! My chats with Ms. Val about my business goals and our group meetings have become the highlight of my weeks. It’s amazing to be surrounded by a tribe of business owners who actually put in the REAL work and support each other in reaching our full potential! 


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